Berri Primary School

Welcome To Berri Primary School

At Berri Primary School we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a positive learning environment for all students.

We have a focus upon success-orientation which underpins both classroom and yard programs. To support our positive learning environments, we draw attention to our school values though games, activities and class discussions. As a staff, community and school body we have broken down the Values to mean the following:

  • Teamwork – Working together cooperatively.
  • Respect – Yourself, others, their feelings and property, including plants and animals.
  • Responsibility – Making good choices about behaviour and learning.
  • Integrity – Being truthful, trustworthy and someone others can depend on.

Berri Primary School has a broad mix of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Literacy and Numeracy forms the basis of teaching programs and targets for student achievement are set. All students are expected to achieve and a number of intervention programs are in place to support students. Support is provided through individual learninChildreng plans, which ensure that students are successful in learning. We work in partnership with parents, caregivers and the community to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for all students.