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Thank you for taking the time to discover more about Berri Primary School and to develop an understanding of our school priorities and programmes.

At Berri Primary School we pride ourselves on not only developing highly literate and numerate students but also that ensuring all of our students are positive role models and valuable members of their local community.

We do some things a little differently at Berri Primary School and this is particularly so in relation to behaviour management. Our focus is on ‘catching kids being good’ rather that an emphasis on inappropriate behaviour. This is done though our behaviour levels system. All of our students strive to reach level 4 which means that they have considerable independence around their learning. In many instances they are free to choose where they sit, whom they sit with and where they work which includes outside of the classroom on some occasions. Level 3 students have similar autonomy although they are not permitted to work outside unsupervised. Level 1 and 2 have made constraints around their learning and as a result strive very hard to reach higher levels. We build regular celebrations into our school calendar to recognise and celebrate the achievements of all level 4 students.

We have 3 specialist teachers at Berri Primary School who are responsible for Health and Physical Education, Vietnamese and Science. These specialist teachers are experts in their respective fields and are responsible for a very high level of engagement and outstanding results in their subject areas.

We also have a full time Student Wellbeing Leader who is responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of our students and staff. Among her many duties our Student Wellbeing Leader ensures that our children have a strong student voice and that they help to set the direction within the school.

We are very proud of our school and our achievements and would welcome the opportunity to share our story in more detail.

Brenda Pfitzner

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Issue: Week 8, Term 3
Monday 18th September 2023

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